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How a resident in skilled nursing manages to move around

Admin Naz - Tuesday, February 27, 2018

“There are no coincidences, just blessings from God.” That is what one of our residents believes after her experience as a resident at Nazareth Living Center’s McGovern Commons. She is beyond grateful for the love and support she has received. She is thrilled to be able to independently move her wheelchair to the gift shop to purchase a snack and find a private “nook” to read the paper. It is also a joy to move side by side with her husband when going from place to place. She is thankful to the BHS Foundation and the Nazareth Living Center Foundation for the financial support she received that allowed her to purchase The Smart Drive.

Nazareth Resident and her Smart Drive WheelchairThis resident began experiencing extensive healthcare issues at the age of 28 when she suffered a malignant brain tumor. She underwent chemotherapy and radiation but was left with right side weakness. Once the treatments were concluded she went on with her life but the cancer came back 2 additional times, once when she was 42 and then again when she was 52. She has undergone brain surgery and multiple rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. She is now 55 years old.

Her health was never the same and she has been in and out of hospitals and rehab facilities. She was aware of Nazareth Living Center through referrals from her friends and through an employee who knew the quality of care provided by Nazareth. In addition, her parents and her husband live near Nazareth. She believes her prayers were answered when she was notified that there was room for her at Nazareth.

In speaking with her, I observed that she has a willing, appreciative attitude and a quick smile. Her gratitude is evident and she is hopeful that she will get strong enough to eventually go back home with her husband. The smart drive allows her to be able to get around independently. It is lightweight and easily clips onto the back of a regular wheelchair. She controls it through a wrist band and navigates it using her left foot. She can come and go with her husband as he unclips the smart drive, folds up the wheel chair and places it in the car. No special vehicles are required.

Cathie Braasch, Social Worker for Nazareth and Jocelyn Bosch from therapy deserve a note of appreciation for their parts in this success story. Rarely are these Smart Drive Systems introduced at skilled nursing facilities. This was a unique situation that fit this mobility system perfectly. Jocelyn was instrumental in recommending this system and Cathie was tenacious in her determination to pursue funding through “Making a Dream” program and the Nazareth Living Center Foundation. Thanks to all those who made this happen!

Written by Susan Cablish - Director of Marketing at Nazareth Living Center