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Construction Assisted Living February 2018

Admin Naz - Monday, February 19, 2018

Demolition is complete. Earthwork will continue, and the site will begin to "take shape" and resemble its final appearance. There are existing sewer lines that run underneath Cass Avenue for the future pool building that have to be re-routed. As a result, we are boring new lines underneath Cass Ave. for the realignment. The new lines connect to existing lines on the St. Joseph Manor side of Cass; they include a water line, a storm sewer, and a sanitary sewer. Once the lines are installed, the pool building foundations will begin.

Around the site, we are installing retaining walls on the East side that will support the new roads. New sewer lines are being installed throughout the site as well.

For the building, foundation concrete has been placed on the north slabs that will be the future resident wings. Foundations for the basement and loading dock area are being placed currently, and we are preparing for our first slab pour on the west resident wing (adjacent to SJM). The slab for the east wing will trail by a week or so while underground plumbing is installed. Once the basement foundation walls are in place, we will backfill them and place the concrete slabs in between the two resident wings and in the basement.

Wall panels for the structure will begin arriving next week for the west wing. We will build two floors on the west wing followed by two floors on the east wing. This will allow multiple trades to begin working inside, including plumbers, electricians, and fire sprinkler fitters.

As you might have noticed, the extreme cold in January has cost us about two weeks in lost time, so we'll be working hard in the coming weeks to make it up! Please pray for favorable weather for a speedy finish.

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